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LED Strip Remote Dimmer - Compact Series

LED Strip Remote Dimmer - Compact Series

Part number LW-COMPACT-DIM-1

Our very latest range oif ultra compact LED controllers includes this RF hand held remote and receiver. Supplied complete in retail packaging. Unlike most other Infra Red controllers available, this unit is RF signal, a wireless signal which does not need 'line of sight' between the hand held remote and receiver unit for it to operate. 

Hand held remote spec (Included)

  • Working voltage DC3V (Battery CR2032)

  • Working frequency 433.92MHz

  • Remote Distance up to 30 meters

  • Working temp - 20 to +55 degrees C

  • Dimensions L104 x W60 x H9mm

  • Weight 42g (Total weight of set including receiver unit below 120g)

Receiver unit spec (Included) - You can buy additional receivers as part LW-COMPACT-WR - see related products

  • Power Input DC12V - DC24V

  • Max load current 3A x 3CH

  • Max output power 108W/216W (12V/24V)

  • Compatible with 6 choices of remote

  • Grey scale level Max 4096 x 4096 x 4096

  • Working Temp -30 to +55 degrees C

  • Dimensions L135 x W30 x H20mm

  • Weight 47g

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